About Us

We’re a process-oriented, people-centered company committed to providing solutions and an omni channel customer experience. 

Specialized agents

Our highly-experienced team offers professionalism, excellence, and security in every interaction, from a phone call to a WhatsApp message. 

Clients first

Customers are at the heart of every transaction thanks to our integrated omni channel platform that includes audio, chat, WhatsApp, email, social media, IVR, and web forms.

More than just a company

We are proud to be strategic partners for some of the world’ leading companies, as well as small and medium local businesses, that provide disruptive solutions and improve customer experience in every interaction. 

Industries we cater to

With millions of people attempting to stay connected, a positive customer experience makes all the difference between fostering commitment and brand loyalty, and losing clients. 

Specialized, immediate customer support is essential in today’s digital platform and internet services boom. 

E-learning has changed the education industry. Customer experience has become key in reaching and retaining students. 

Clients demand an increasingly human experience in the digital era of financial services.  

There is no such thing as a small customer. We share in your passion and want to be partners in your success.

Integrate all interactions within a single platform. 

From client acquisition to process automation. 


How we do it

KPI Governance

An approach to KPI through process improvement following Six Sigma methodology and Business Intelligence reports based on root cause analysis, are essential parts of even our most basic action plans.

S.M.A.R.T. Coaching

NDM ensures that every agent on the floor has an adequate profile, attitude, training, and career background, in order to guarantee and maximize productivity.

CRM Platforms

Our CRM platform enables us to track our employees’ performance and indicators, this means that we are highly successful in training our agents to achieve expected results.

What really matters

Investing in middle management is the key to success. Performance, responsibility, and a passion for service are our basic requirements.

Talent attraction

We create profiles and job descriptions according to each of our clients’ needs. Our automated tools guarantee an appropriate skill set and successful management.

Continuous training

We have transformed learning, using it as an agent of change through interactive and experience based methodologies and following neuroscientific processes that guarantee that each strategy will be adequately executed.

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