We don’t believe in plans or pre-made packages. NDM develops custom-made strategies to fit each client’s needs.

Our formula

We deliver innovative solutions that improve customer experience through a scalable infrastructure, Multilanguage capabilities, and a competitive pricing structure. 


We provide immediate answers to your potential customers’ questions, following your company’s guidelines.


We offer immediate professional troubleshooting support in systems, purchases, and much more.


We make your business grow through continual social media interactions.


We take care of all of your company’s administrative tasks so you can focus on boosting its growth.


We reach the target audience that’s right for your business using push and pull strategies.

Brand Loyalty Management

We monitor and fuel your customers’ loyalty through market research and accurate, decisive actions.

More than just clients, partners.

Performance marketing

Our faith in your brand is so strong that we are willing to invest in it. Thanks to our technology, methodology, and experience, we can take the risk to begin attracting new clients for your business before you even have to pay for the service. 

We don’t make promises, we deliver. Stop paying for promises and start paying for results. 

Attract a target audience that’s right for your business using push and pull strategies. 

Our powerful platform enables us to personalize microsites and landing pages based on your potential client’s information, and then integrate them in real time with our contact center’s operations. 

We monitor every campaign’s performance in real time, from operational metrics to business results. 

Our microsites and landing pages are all seamlessly connected with our contact center, whether we’re talking about a live chat, WhatsApp messages, a 1-800 number, click to call, or click to action. 

We ensure that all leads are nurtured in order to achieve immediate commitment, maximizing your potential clients’ conversion index and sales.

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